Cuvée Confidentielle

The fourth generation of this families domain, Jean-Michel Pelletier immortalizes the tradition of the culture of the vineyard in the respect for the nature. Because here, and for a long time, the respect for the nature is a very strong feeling … Today, every gesture is reasoned, reflected, according to its consequences on the environment. Attached to the family transmission and concerned the experiences passed in preserving on by his ancesters, Jean-Michel Pelletier, is a trained oenologist, being responsible for the blending in the wine-making cooperative of Passy-Grigny, uses all his know-how to develop wines of champagne of excellent qualities.
"We made a small wink to the past, says to us Jean-Michel Pelletier. By using horses power when plowing the soil. We can reduce the use of chemicals.

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Vintages for sale

The Blanc de blancs wine Confidential vintage is particularly success ( a very beautiful label), allying distinction and structure, a beautiful ample and floral vintage, of attractive taste, very elegant, intense foam, fruity and ideal as an apéritif. 

Excellent brut rosé, of beautiful robe, the sent of ripe fruits (currant, raspberry …), with this delicately touch with spiced final.

Origin, a pure vintage Pinot, develops aromas of apple and fresh walnut, with intense flavors and nuances of white flowers and citronella, foam elegant. 

The delicious cuvée Belle Reserves, with a nose of floral and fruity notes, the wine has a delicate flavour dominated by nuances of citrus fruits and lime tree, a beautiful creamy foam vintage.

The vintage Candice, charming, of great distinction, powerful, sophisticated and foam smooth and very fine, in the subtle notes of fresh flowers and ripe fruits in final.

The vintage Anaëlle Millésimé with a partial oak flavour on Chardonnays, attractive champagne with the notes of dried fruits, vanilla and of smoky.

Attractive Semi-dry, one of the most attractive bottles in this category, full in aromas, associating elegance and structure.

A novelty to be discovered this year, a Blanc de blancs wine, with aromas of white fruits "Here, attach great attention to labeling wich are really successful.

In this aréa of the vineyard, on the West of the appellation, the hillsides are implanted on grounds witch are dominated by argilo-calcareous, with marly trend.
Soil and exposure
Hillsides are implanted on grounds with argilo-calcareous dominant, with marly trend.
Grape Variety
Pinot meunier, Chardonnay & Pinot Noir.
Today, we are working in respect of conserving the environment.
Confidential vintage, a 100% blanc de blancs champagne from the Chardonnay grape, cool, elegant with notes of fruit white with a lemony final.
Wine and food pairing
Fishes, Shells and Shellfish

Entre 13,70 et 25 euros TTC (départ cave)

Jean-Michel Pelletier

22, rue Bruslard
51700 Passy-Grigny
Tél. : 03 26 52 65 86
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