Cuvée des Caudalies

The champagne of Sousa, it is a family, a team. Of a reserved and modest nature, Érick, helped by his wife Michelle, knew how to share its enthusiasm with his children, who join now the family company. The real success of passion, will and philosophy of the wine, viscerally attached to love of the land.

Also discover the tasting of our Brut Tradition

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The Champagne Cuvée des Caudalies is only produced from grapes from the old vines that are more than 50 years old, 100 % Chardonnay. Wine making 100 % in oak barrels and subtle blending of all the years since 1995. Beautiful freshne
ss and especially a lot of elegance, a fascinating charm, big complexity and wide aromatic pallet. Beautiful freshness and especially a lot of elegance, a fascinating charm, big complexity and wide aromatic pallet. Dress clearly, gilded, fine bubbles, big structure and sharpness, very beautiful typicality Chardonnay, of the fruity, the maturity, the generosity, the very delicious creamy notes, completes to accompany sophisticated dishes: lobster, sole, foie gras, capon, risotto in the lobster and with truffle white.

This Champagne Brut Tradition is a many years assembly. Pinots noir bring him of the curvature, the pinots millers of the vinosité, the chardonnays of the freshness. Consisted of 50 % Chardonnays, 40 % Pinots noir and 10 % Pinots millers.
The dress is brilliant, clear, in the light green reflections. A fine and plentiful foam is present to the service. Fine and persistent cordon.
The nose is fine and floral but also very meaning and powerful with a certain sharpness. Attack in frank mouth, a well balanced rather lively freshness.

Champagne cuvée des Caudalies 2008, the nose is dominated by mature fruits and brioche, with a touch of freshness, beautiful expression, one very great wine mixing maturity and liveliness, generous, harmonious and very delicate. A champagne characterized well balance acidy/sugar.

The Champagne Cuvée des Caudalies brut rosé, 90 % Chardonnay and 10 % Pinot noir, is a big success, an elegant smoothness, a lot of elegance, subtle aromas of wild strawberry, raspberry, flowers, citrus fruits and walnut, beautiful balance between wealthiness and density, tasting in mouth.

There is also this magnificent cuvée Umami,, the dominant of which is the sweetness, the unctuousness, a big champagne, in the nose dominated by ripe fruits and small dried, slightly honeyed fruits, everything in aromatic sharpness, of a beautiful length in mouth.

The Champagne Grand Cru cuvée 3A, 50% Chardonnay, 50 % Pinot noir, of beautiful golden color clear with copper-colored reflections, with the aromas of lemon, pineapple, mango, matured with a buttered flavour brought by the maturing in oak barrels.

Magnificent cuvée Mycorhize (name from the result of the symbiotic association between mushrooms and roots of plants), a raw Special Grand Cru of one extern delicacy, which smells of the rose and of the grapefruit, revealing to the palace a sophisticated wealth, a very big champagne, very specific, dense, very delicious.

The Champagne De Sousa Brut Réserve Grand Cru, 100 % Chardonnay, for the powerful bouquet where dominate the honeysuckle and the apple, of a big wealth to the palace, a very well-balanced skeleton, a distinguished champagne, marked by its territory.

Champagne De Sousa Brut rosé, 92% Chardonnay, 8% Pinot noir, under the nose of strawberry of wood, plum, apricot, is of a very beautiful brilliant dress, everything in distinction, scale and sharpness, of full, soft and greedy mouth.

This family exploitation of 9,5 ha is situated in Avize, at the heart of the Coast of the Whites. His vineyard are situated we the most beautiful classified terroirs Grand Cru of Chardonnay: Avize, Oger, le Mesnil-sur-Oger, but also of Pino noir situated in A ÿ and Ambonnay. His benefit from a south-southeast ideal orientation, from a maximal period of sunshine but also and especially from a chalk soil, which gets for champagnes, sharpness, elegance and a minéralité beautiful. Vineyards are in Organic cultivated for several years (certification in 2010).
Wine and food pairing
Lobster, langoustes, also foie gras

SARL Champagne De Sousa

12, place Léon-Bourgeois : Visite et dégustation UNIQUEMENT sur rendez-vous Du Lundi au Vendredi
51190 Avize - France
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