Montrez qui vous êtes, présentez votre vin à tous !

What you can do with Vinovox:

•Educate, advise and seduce consumers by explaining to them the information they really want to know: how to taste wine and pair it with food.

•Put this QrCode on your bottles or back labels, brochures, in your emails, on your price lists and displays…

•Give presentations to professionals worldwide, using this video on your tablet, telephone or by email (sub-titles in English)

•Take advantage of our strong presence on the Internet. Your video will be posted on:

o Our YouTube channel
o Our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram pages
o website
o Your page on our websites and
o Our 200 websites and blogs (nearly 3 million visitors)

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Present your wine to the world !

We create mobile sites with your video that can be accessed by anyone around the world who possesses a smartphone or a tablet.

Flash your QrCode and watch!

- On your back label
 On your brochures & Technical sheet
In your emails & newsletters
- On your boxes and during your trade shows

 On your stickers 
(to stick on your communication material or to send to your professional clients).
We adapt the size of your QrCode to fit your communication material.


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